Steamy Noodles CD - 2020

 Song Title  Song Link
Starlight Starlight
Rainy Day Rainy Day
Moonchild Blues Moonchild Blues
Cissy Strut Cissy Strut
Real Mother For Ya Real Mother For Ya
A Long Way Home Long Way Home
Cold Duck Time Cold Duck Time
Funky Groove Funky Groove
Tidings of Comfort and Joy Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Panama Sessions CD - 2019

 Song Title  Song Link
Midnight Midnight
Cuban Girls Cuban Girls
Gypsy Dancer Gypsy Dancer
Pickin Blues Pickin Blues
Slow Shake Slow Shake
John Swings John Swings
Benny Swings Benny Swings
Carnival Carnival
Gooving Grooving
Roll With It Roll With It

Dodgin' Trouble CD - 2018

 Song Title  Song Link
Dodgin' Trouble Dodgin' Trouble
Jack Daniels Jack Daniels
Electric Blue Electric Blue
Cuban Midnight Cuban Midnight

Mister Natural CD - 2017

 Song Title  Song Link
Walkin' With My Baby Walkin' With My Baby
Can't Get Enough of You Can't Get Enough of You
Smooth Bossa Smooth Bossa